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Clear the Way to Inner Bliss: a 6 Part Movement and Meditation Journey

There is so much happening in our world right now that may be causing us anxiety and distress, leading to feelings of disconnection from the world, and even ourselves. It can leave us saying things like "When this is over…” or “I’ll feel better when…” so we delay our bliss.

What if I told you that inner bliss is available to you right now?

It's always with you and when we offer it our full attention, it grows.

Being present and awake to our bliss in a world that doesn't always provide it takes daily practice; it's a muscle that must be strengthened over time. It is easy to look at our world and point out the things that numb us, dumb us down, or shrink us, but becoming keenly and consistently aware of what’s good, true, beautiful, and life-giving around us and within us demands discipline. 

That is exactly why I've created this journey.

What you'll get:

  • an introduction to meditation and to the guidelines for your journey

  •  2 guided yoga practices to prepare physically for your meditations: calm + awaken.

  •  4 guided meditations fit for beginner and seasoned practitioner alike: Clear Awareness, Self Healing, Purifying, Inner Bliss. 

This journey will awaken your innate wisdom to knowing the internal bliss that lives within you.