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Kundalini Yoga to Build Stamina + Spark the Glandular System

A breathing practice clarity and triggered glands, a kriya for stamina and to spake the glandular system, and meditation for rejuvination. 

Glands are the guardians of your health. One of the great “secrets” of Kundalini Yoga, which accounts for its power and its dynamic and rapid results, is its ability to make the glands secrete. This comes from the way the kriyas are designed — creating pressure on the glands through specific angles of the body. Then relaxation allows the secretions that have been stimulated to circulate throughout the entire bloodstream, bringing balance to the entire system.

Class time: 1 hour and 37 minutes.

What People Are Saying:

This was so good, Julie. It was a nice progression of exercises, and I could feel myself become more energized and grounded as it went along.

Brendan D.

Each practice is Enlivening and enriching.

Susan B.